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About this portfolio

Typography, color, form, balance, alignment, contrast, texture - the Chameleon Project  is passionate about all these things and goes to great lengths to create beauty with them. The firm is constantly in search for the perfect balance between form and function for every project.


The Chameleon Project specializes in simplicity, clarity and organization. The skills and strengths of its founder, Thanos Kalamidas, have pushed him and the firm to the forefront of this profession.

The pieces shared with you here demonstrate the power of effective purpose-driven visual communication. This collection is a culmination of years of design experience and creative success. Click around and explore as much as you like.


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Tracks was the trademark for a clothing company that gradually became an international and well-known trademark in athletics sportswear.

It became popular among volleyball players.

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IBM Lotus wanted to combine telex-fax and e-mail in one program; something impossible till the late-80s. Nobody had realized that marine companies mainly used telex and a combination of all three would be perfect for communication with their ships.

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The best idea to advertise a multicultural magazine was a group of pens in different colors.

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