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Chameleon Project was founded in 2004 by Thanos Kalamidas as a small creative house and continuation of past projects that cover nearly twenty years of creative experience. This site is a collection of creative work and shared thinking representing simple solutions and cost-effective results that Chameleon Project produces and delivers for clients and readers in Finland and, in extension with the help of internet, all around the world.Continue...



Design constructs a visual language for the purpose of communication. It organizes and gives form to a message in a way that adds value and meaning. It functions to organize, clarify, persuade, and add drama to an otherwise overlooked idea. Continue...



Chameleon Projectís founder, Thanos Kalamidas, has worked in many aspects of print, web, marketing and interaction design. He loves to solve problems. Chameleon Project offers straight-forward visual design and a flexible creative process to large and small corporations, businesses and organizations.Continue...



Born in Athens , Greece . Bachelor of Psychology , England ; degree in Art , France . Master of Psychology , England , digital Art , France . Awarded 1st prize as a new coming poet, 2nd prize for a poster in Biennale, 2nd international prize for cartoons, Respect prize from the French Academy . Continue...


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