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The Chameleon logo has a history of nearly 30 years and it is part of my personal history. It is made partly using Chinese brushes and ink. Then scanned and worked with a combination of vector and photographic programs. From the early days in computer design it was easy for me to adopt and combine styles gradually using the mouse pad as a canvas, the same time my travels around the world and working in three different continents made me adopt new cultures and a new understanding. So the 'chameleon' became like a trademark with a logo to follow and since then I used either the logo or the name to sign most of my works.

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What happens when a Greek, a Brit and an American get together? What happens when the only way to publish your editorial work is to create a magazine? What does ‘Ovi’ mean? Well, there are answers to some of these questions...I think.

Issue No 13 for the Ovi magazine and it is all about Radio Waves ... well other things as well!


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Thanos and Asa present a weekly hour radio show as part of the Ovi project, called 'The Ovi Bad Boys'. 

The show is live every Sunday at 15.30 across Helsinki, Finland, or you can listen to a delayed broadcast via the Ovi magazine pages.


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A design and advertising project that has had its roots in Athens and Paris from the early-80s; now based in Helsinki, Finland. Specializes in a simple beautiful and balance in form, faction and highly flexible design.


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Asa Butcher is an author, journalist and copywriter and the new member of the Chameleon Project.


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Twelve stories, twelve people who work nightshifts and fight their way through life. Twelve foreigners in the same metropolis.

A short story novel written by Asa Butcher and Thanos Kalamidas. 



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Asa Butcher is writing the text and Thanos Kalamidas draws the illustrations in this noir comic. Dark periods, dark back streets and darker secrets.



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The objective was to produce a logo that enables a simple plate with a napkin to become a sophisticated symbol that freed the imagination. We wanted to design a logo that would represent the quality and directness that the customer was offering. “Cohesive and poetic” were the actual words used after we finished the presentation and found that the client could also see a sunrise, space, sailing, plates and faces. Finally, the clear text helped to bring all the elements together while the classic black on white ensured that all the text is legible.

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I've been in this business for nearly twenty years. Twenty years as an Art Director and graphic designer! It's a long time and this job has changed a lot during this time. Once upon a time, we could make miracles with a photograph, a pen and a chisel…now we have computers. 

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One of the things we did notice while designing product labels was the power that cutouts have in effecting the space around them. Designing ‘Continent’ and ‘Champion’ labels we made a visual cutout by creating a curve. The curve gave us an unexpected and enticing dimension to the design. The viewer is irresistibly drawn into exploring this memorable structure and the best proof was the success of the products.

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