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16/04/2006 - The tenth Ovi Bad Boys radio show goes on-air and can be downloaded via the Ovi magazine website.

22/03/2006 - Issue 13 of Ovi magazine goes online. The theme is 'Radio Waves'.

12/03/2006 - Asa's Ydin article is featured in Sunday's Helsingin Sanomat's 'Quote of the Week' section.

03/03/2006 - The latest issue of Ydin magazine is published containing another article by Asa.

Katie is now nine months old and and has learnt to pull herself up onto two feet. She has completed two trips to England and has dazzled relatives in two countries with her cheekiness.

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Ovi magazine

Issue 13 of the Ovi magazine features the topic 'Radio'.

Ovi magazine is a monthly social, political and cultural opinionated magazine in the sense that society, politics, culture and art meet. Our target is people like us, people who are aware of the world in which they live, aware politically and environmentally without that meaning that we are either left or right. Each individual member of the Ovi magazine has his or her own ideas, but we all respect certain issues. We are against any kind of ignorance, hate or discrimination that has either to do with colour, social class, sexual orientation or social issues. Each of us is free to express their ideas and philosophy, so long as it doesn't offend our moral decency. We wholeheartedly believe in the phrase commonly misattributed to Voltaire, "I do not agree with what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it."

Ydin magazine

Bad Boys radio show

In Ydin magazine, there is a feature-length article about the problems immigrants have when learning Finnish via language courses.


Asa is the co-presenter of the Bad Boys radio show broadcast every Sunday at 1530 on Lähiradio 100.3 MHz, which covers the Helsinki region. You can listen to the show online and if you want to be a future guest, promote an event, ask a question, request a song or throw us some feedback, the email address is info«at»

The Chameleon Project

Chameleon Project was founded in 2004 by Thanos Kalamidas as a small creative house and continuation of past projects that cover nearly twenty years of creative experience. This site is a collection of creative work and shared thinking representing simple solutions and cost-effective results that Chameleon Project produces and delivers for clients and readers in Finland and, in extension with the help of internet, all around the world.



Twelve stories, twelve people who work night shift and fight their way through life. Twelve foreigners in the same metropolis.

A short stories' novel written from Asa Butcher and Thanos Kalamidas. 



Asa Butcher is writing the text and Thanos Kalamidas makes the illustrations in this noir comic. Dark periods, dark back streets and darker secrets.


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